Connect Yellowdig to Your Gradebook [FOR INSTRUCTORS]

Having trouble with grade passback in your course? This most often happens when students haven't yet clicked the correct link to Yellowdig in your course. We'll go over all the scenarios here to help you get this sorted out.

Already have an Assignment Link for Yellowdig in your Course?

  • Guide your students to click the link in your course that will launch them into Yellowdig. The placement of the link varies by school, but can sometimes be in an "Assignments" or "Modules" tab. Each learner must access your course assignment link at least once to establish grade passback for the community.
  • **IMPORTANT** If your school is running an older LTI 1.1 integration, It's the graded assignment link they need to click, not the sidebar link. This needs to be done at least once.

Setting Up a Graded Assignment Link in Your Course

You can only have one per course, and here’s how you create one:

  1. Create Your Assignment in the Yellowdig Community

    • Follow our easy step-by-step guide here to create your assignment link.
      • **IMPORTANT** If your school is running an older LTI 1.1 integration, this won't be an option for you, and you'll need to do Step 2 below.
  2. Or, Create it in Your Learning Management System (LMS)

    • Whether you're using Canvas, Blackboard, D2L, etc., we've got you covered. Find your LMS integration guide here.

Need More Help? If you're still running into issues or unsure what to do next - we're here to help! Submit a support request here.

Audience: This help article is for Instructors, Designers, and Administrators. Students or Learners do not have access to these settings.

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