Creating and Using Accolades

Creating an Accolade
Giving an Accolade
Further Celebrating Good Contributions

Accolades can be given by Community Owners and Facilitators for any Post or Comment on a Yellowdig Community. Accolades acknowledge and reward particularly insightful or conversation-generating Posts or Comments with a "point bonus". We encourage instructors to treat Accolades as "rare but attainable" rewards which highlight exemplary posts, provide models for other students to follow, and ultimately drive better engagement.


When a Community Owner or Facilitator gives a learner an Accolade, that learner will receive the full number of points for that Accolade regardless of the Periodic Maximum. The learner is allowed to exceed the Periodic Max for the current Period by the point value of the Accolade.

Creating an Accolade

  1. Click Settings in the left-hand menu.
  2. Under Settings, click Accolades.

  3. Click the CREATE NEW ACCOLADE button.

  4. Create a custom name for the new Accolade in the "Accolade Name" field.

  5. Assign a color under "Accolade Color".

  6. Assign a point value in the "Accolade Point Value" field.

  7. Select an icon for your custom Accolade under "Accolade Inner Icon".


Instructors/Community Owners will also have the option to go to the "Accolade Settings" page by clicking on the button by the same name from the "Recent Accolades" menu located right under the points modal on the left.

Giving an Accolade

  1. In your Feed, click on the Manage Accolades button (represented by a badge icon) at the bottom of the Post.

  2. Click on the Accolade you want to assign to the Post.

  3. To assign multiple Accolades to the same Post, select multiple Accolades.


Every Member of the Community will be able to see that the Accolade has been given, which gives them a model of the kind of content that an instructor wants to see. After an Accolade is given to a post or comment, that post or comment appears on the top of the feed of the community.

Further Celebrating Good Contributions

Sharing contributions that received Accolades with your students in a weekly "Yellowdig Digest" or mentioning those posts in a synchronous session is a great way to encourage better participation and tie your Yellowdig community to your course.  You can filter by Accolades, bookmark specific posts you want to find later, and save and share links to specific posts using post permalinks.  Post permalinks can be found in the 3-dot menu at the top of any post or comment, as seen below.

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