Generate Captions on Your Video
Display Captions on a Video
Edit Video Captions

Videos recorded in or uploaded to Yellowdig will automatically generate captions (time-synchronized text generated from the video's audio track that can be read while watching the video).

Captions are not only beneficial for learners who are deaf/hard of hearing but also for people watching videos not in their native language, in noisy environments, those who prefer to watch videos without sound, and much more. Studies suggest that there are much broader benefits to people watching captioned videos, including increased comprehension, attention, and improved memory (source).

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Generate Captions on Your Video

  1. Upload or record your Video and post!
  2. Captions will automatically generate in the background (processing time varies with video size).

Once captions are generated, you'll be able to edit them, download the transcript, and other users will see the option to enable captions while watching your video. The accuracy of auto-generated captions depends on the quality of the audio.

Display Captions on a Video

Captions are a user-controlled setting. To turn captions on/off, each user can do so with the following steps:

  1. Click the Video controls icon (represented by three horizontal dots) in the bottom right of the video player. 
  2. Select Captions from the list of controls.

How to Edit Video Captions

  1. Click on the hamburger icon (three horizontal lines) on the top right of the media player.
  2. Click “Edit captions” to open the captions editor.

  1. Here, you can edit the captions text, merge one line with another, add a new line, delete a captions line, and more.


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