Blackboard LTI 1.3 Yellowdig Setup Guide [FOR ADMINISTRATORS]

LTI 1.3 Setup Steps
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This guide is primarily for Blackboard Administrators or whoever manages your institution's Blackboard environment. If you don’t see the Admin options on your Blackboard site, you'll want to reach out to your institution to request integration assistance.

💡Transitioning from LTI 1.1 Yellowdig to LTI 1.3?

Contact for assistance.

A brief overview of the setup guide:

  1. Add Yellowdig in Blackboard.
  2. Send LTI 1.3 configuration details in the Yellowdig Integration form and await confirmation that your setup is completed.
  3. Configure the placement of Yellowdig.
  4. For Blackboard Ultra: Manage tool access and visibility.

LTI 1.3 Setup Steps


Add Yellowdig

  1. On the Administrator Panel, under Integrations, select LTI Tool Providers.
  2. Select Register LTI 1.3/Advantage Tool.
  3. Enter Yellowdig’s Client ID (contact for the Client ID)

  1. Select Submit
  2. Select the status of the tool as Approved.
  3. In the Institution Policies section, activate all checkboxes under User Fields to Send. Including, Role in Course, Name, and Email Address, and grade service access.
  4. Selecting Yes in the Allow Membership Service Access section.
  5. Select Submit to add Yellowdig.


Send LTI 1.3 configuration details in the Yellowdig Integration form and await confirmation that your setup is completed.


  1. In Administrator Tools > LTI Tool Providers, click on Yellowdig to configure and select the menu option that appears next to the domain. Go to Manage Placements.
  2. Select Create Placement.
  3. Type a Label “Yellowdig Engage”. This is the name that appears to users in a course.
  4. Type a Handle. EX: “Yellowdig”
  5. To make the placement available select Yes.
  6. Select a Type: Course Content Tool and enable "Allows grading"
  7. Select the checkbox to launch in a new window instead of an iframe.
  8. Add an icon for the tool by selecting Browse and uploading the Yellowdig icon image below.

  1. Enter same information you added when you created the tool in tool provider information: Target link URI is
  2. Select Submit.


The steps below are for Blackboard Ultra users to Manage tool access and visibility

  1. On the Administrator Panel, under Tools and Utilities, select Tools.
  2. Search for Yellowdig and turn it ON.
  3. Select Submit.


Next, the learning designer or instructor for the course(s) will follow the instructor setup guide here to get Yellowdig to display to your instructors and learners.

FAQ Section

What’s new with LTI 1.3?

We’re excited to support the new LTI 1.3 standard, which touts benefits in data privacy and security and a more seamless user experience with learning tools (You can read more here). The assignment and grade service features associated with LTI 1.3 will make grade passback easier to set up and configure. Other functions related to course rosters in Yellowdig and setting up groups will be available soon, depending on your LMS and the update to LTI 1.3. 

Does Yellowdig still fully support LTI 1.1?

Yes, Yellowdig still fully supports the LTI 1.1 standard. We understand that some schools and organizations haven't decided to transition to the new LTI 1.3 standard yet.

What is LTI?

Yellowdig uses LTI to integrate with Blackboard. LTI is the standard in education for secure and seamless application integrations; it allows users to access Yellowdig directly from Blackboard without the need to log in to another account, enables automatic passback of grades, and more (You can read more here).

Is Yellowdig IMS certified?

Yes, Yellowdig is IMS LTI 1.3 Certified (See the certifications here)

Audience: This help article is for Yellowdig Organization Administrators. Users without this level of permission will not have access to these settings. Students, learners, and most instructors cannot access these settings.

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