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Bookstore Access Codes
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Bookstore Access Codes

Learners can purchase Yellowdig at their school bookstore or get it automatically as part of their required course materials. The bookstore then sends learners a unique access code. This code is needed to get into Yellowdig, and it provides access to a single Yellowdig community for the academic term. The code will typically give you access to your community for a 6-month period.

For Instructors: To get your class set up with bookstore codes, share our ISBN (9781736271100) with your bookstore and request us for your class.

💡Questions about purchasing or finding your access code(s)?

Please get in touch with your school's bookstore for more information.

Join a Community with Access Codes

  1. Click the link to your Yellowdig community. This is typically located in your course page (Canvas, Blackboard, D2l, Moodle, etc.), in the Assignments area, or in the course navigation.

    Note: please use Chrome or Firefox for your browser.

  2. Create your user profile & follow the email verification step.

    Note: If you already have a Yellowdig account, do not create a new one. 

  3. Access the community again, view & accept the terms & conditions, and enter your unique 16-digit access code to unlock your access. That’s it!

💡See our Student Orientation Guide HERE



Bookstore FAQ & Help Resources

Do you need help getting an access code? Please contact your school's bookstore.

Explore the FAQ section below to find answers to commonly asked questions. Once you have an access code from your bookstore, you can follow the steps above to get into your community. If you still have any questions after that, contact us directly with the "Contact Support" button in the upper right of the webpage.

Purchasing Yellowdig at your school's Follett Bookstore.

Purchasing Yellowdig from the bookstore? Follow this article to get your Yellowdig access code from the Follett BryteWave website. Getting Yellowdig through Follett Access (inclusive access)? Follow these guides to get your Yellowdig access code.

Purchasing Yellowdig at your school's Barnes & Noble Bookstore.
When a student makes a purchase, a Yuzu account is created and they get an email saying to log in to see their content (ebooks or courseware). Once they log into their Yuzu account, they can reveal their code, and the email they get should give them the link as well. See detailed instructions here. Getting Yellowdig through B&N First Day (inclusive access)? Follow these guides to get your Yellowdig access code.
I have a student who is enrolled in two classes with me. Does the student need two access codes?
Yes. Each access code provides access to a single course community, so the student will need a separate unique code for each class that is using Yellowdig. They should follow the same process to get their 2nd code that they used for their first.
I can't access my code through Canvas. When I click “reveal code," no code appears.
For help with access codes, please contact your school’s bookstore directly, as they handle organization and distribution. Feel free to include us ( in your outreach for visibility and assistance.

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