Moodle LTI 1.3 Yellowdig Setup Guide [FOR ADMINISTRATORS]

STEP 2 : Send Yellowdig your configuration details
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This guide is primarily for Moodle Administrators or whoever manages your institution's Moodle environment. If you don’t see the Admin options on your Moodle site, you'll want to reach out to your institution to request integration assistance.

đź’ˇTransitioning from LTI 1.1 Yellowdig to LTI 1.3?

Contact for assistance.

A brief overview of the setup guide:

  1. Add Yellowdig in Moodle.
  2. Send LTI 1.3 configuration details in the Yellowdig Integration form and await confirmation that your setup is completed.


  1. Navigate to Site Administration → Plugins → Activity Modules → External Tool → Manage Tools.
  2. Under Manage Tools, select Configure a tool manually.
  3. Fill out the Tool Settings as follows:
    • Tool name: Yellowdig
    • Tool URL:
    • Tool description: Yellowdig Engage
    • LTI version: LTI 1.3
    • Public keyset type: Keyset URL
    • Public keyset:
    • Initiate login URL:
    • Redirection URI(s):
    • Custom parameters: Leave this field blank
    • Tool configuration usage: Show as a preconfigured tool when adding an external tool
    • Default launch container: New window
    • Supports Deep Linking: Leave the checkbox unchecked.
    • Content Selection URL: Leave this field blank
    • Icon URL: Leave this field blank
    • Secure Icon URL: Leave this field blank
  4. Expand the Services menu and select the following:
    • IMS LTI Assignment and Grade Services: Use this service for grade sync and column management
    • IMS LTI Names and Role Provisioning: Use this setting to retrieve members' information as per privacy settings.
    • Tool Settings: Use this service.
  5. Expand the Privacy menu and select the following:
    • Share launcher's name with tool: Always    
    • Share launcher's email with tool: Always
    • Accept grades from the tool: Always

STEP 2 : Send Yellowdig your configuration details

On the Manage Tools page, click on the list icon for the Yellowdig tool and provide the following values in the Yellowdig Integration form:  

  1. Platform ID
  2. Client ID
  3. Deployment ID
  4. Public keyset URL
  5. Access token URL
  6. Authentication request URL

Once we've received the information above, we will provision the integration on our side and let you know once you’re all set!

Instructor Course Setup Guide

Once the tool is installed, instructors can follow this guide to add Yellowdig to their course.

FAQ Section

What’s new with LTI 1.3?

We’re excited to support the new LTI 1.3 standard, which touts benefits in data privacy and security and a more seamless user experience with learning tools (You can read more here). The assignment and grade service features associated with LTI 1.3 will make grade passback easier to set up and configure. Other functions related to course rosters in Yellowdig and setting up groups will be available soon, depending on your LMS and the update to LTI 1.3.

Does Yellowdig still fully support LTI 1.1?

Yes, Yellowdig still fully supports the LTI 1.1 standard. We understand that some schools and organizations haven't decided to transition to the new LTI 1.3 standard yet.

What is LTI?

Yellowdig uses LTI to integrate with Moodle. LTI is the standard in education for secure and seamless application integrations; it allows users to access Yellowdig directly from Moodle without the need to log in to another account, enables automatic passback of grades, and more (You can read more here).

Is Yellowdig IMS certified?

Yes, Yellowdig is IMS LTI 1.3 Certified (See the certifications here)

Audience: This help article is for Yellowdig Organization Administrators. Users without this level of permission will not have access to these settings. Students, learners, and most instructors cannot access these settings.

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