Moodle LTI 1.3 Course Setup Guide [FOR INSTRUCTORS]

STEP 1: Create the assignment link
STEP 2: Create your Yellowdig Community

This guide is for instructors, learning design folks, and really anyone who needs to know how to add a Yellowdig community to their course. 

The steps below assume that Yellowdig has already been installed in your organization's Moodle instance. If you're unsure whether this was done yet you can reach out to us at You're also welcome to try the steps in this guide, and if you're successful that means that Yellowdig has in fact already been installed! 😃 

  1. Within a course in Moodle, turn editing on.
  2. In the relevant section of your course, click Add an Activity or Resource.
  3. Click External Tool, then click Add.
    • Name the new activity (ex: "Yellowdig Community").
    • Select "Yellowdig" from the Preconfigured tool dropdown.
    • Configure your grading column in accordance with your preferences. 
    • All other settings will be taken from the External Tool Type defaults selected during tool installation.
  4. Click either Save and Return to Course or Save and Display.

STEP 2: Create your Yellowdig Community

  1. The instructor will click the Assignment link that you just created, which will launch Yellowdig and prompt them to create your Community for the class. This first instructor to launch into the Yellowdig community will be automatically assigned as the Community Owner
    • Instructors should click the Assignment link and set up the Community before the course begins so learners can access the Community on the first day of the course.
  2. To establish grade passback, your students can launch into Yellowdig through this one graded Assignment link that you created or through the sidebar link to Yellowdig.

Audience: This help article is for Instructors, Designers, and Administrators. Students or Learners cannot access these settings.

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