D2L LTI 1.1 (legacy) Setup Guide (Root- or Account-Level) [FOR ADMINISTRATORS]

How to install Yellowdig for your D2L Org Unit and Subunits

How to install Yellowdig for your D2L Org Unit and Subunits

1. Make sure you have access to the LMS Key and Secret for your Institutional Organization. Your Institutional Organization is the broadest Organization that belongs to your institution. For example, if you are an Administrator at Yellowdig University, your Institutional Organization might be titled "Yellowdig University". If you do not know your Institutional Organization's Key and Secret, please request from your institution an Organization Administrator invitation. Only users who have been authorized by their universities should be granted Organization Administrator status. 2. From your D2L Admin homepage, go to Settings (the gear icon in the upper-right hand corner) → External Learning Tools → New Link. 3. Fill out the New Link form as follows:

  1. Title = "Yellowdig"
  2. URL = https://api.yellowdig.app/launch
  3. Visibility = [checked]
  4. Signature = Link key/secret
  5. Key = [Yellowdig LTI key]
  6. Secret = [Yellowdig LTI secret]
  7. Security Settings = Use link security settings [and check all boxes]
    • For security reasons, we rely on LTI user ID and User email to authenticate users.

Gif of How to install Yellowdig for your D2L Org Unit and Subunits 4. Select the Org Units for which you want to make Yellowdig available. If you wish to make your Yellowdig Organization available in your current D2L Org Unit and all descendant Org Units, click the Add Org Units button, search for your current Org Unit, and choose "All descendants" under "Options". 

  • It is possible to make distinct Yellowdig Organizations available to different D2L Org Units. For example, if "Yellowdig Philosophy Dept" and "Yellowdig University" were different Org Units in D2L, you could create a "Yellowdig Philosophy Dept" Sub-organization of "Yellowdig University" in Yellowdig and use the respective Yellowdig keys and secrets to configure two different Learning Tool links for the departmental and university-wide Org Units. If you go this route, make sure that you do not choose "All descendants" under "Options".

Screenshot of Options screen with All Descendants checked
5. Click Save and Close.

Audience: This help article is for Yellowdig Organization Administrators. Users without this level of permission will not have access to these settings. Students, learners, and most instructors cannot access these settings.

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