Set Up Reminders

identify disengaged students and dispatch notifications to those students. Reminder notifications gently invite students to reconnect with your Yellowdig Community. These notifications are configurable by the Community Owner, though students are allowed to opt out of all Yellowdig notifications, including reminder notifications. Reminders are designed to increase student engagement, success, and retention while decreasing faculty and administrative workload. 

Set Up Reminders

  1. In your Community, go to Settings Reminders.
  2. To turn reminders on or off, use the Enable toggle.
  3. In the fields directly under Low Engagement Notifications, you can determine (a) how many days of inactivity trigger an initial reminder notification, (b) how many days of subsequent inactivity trigger additional reminder notifications, and (c) the "cut-off" for the total number of reminder notifications a student can receive. 
  4. Sample Notification provides a preview of the reminder notifications that are sent via email.
  5. Under Members Who Will Receive a Notification, you will see which students are set to receive a reminder notification. This simultaneously indicates which students in your Community are recently inactive. The email and monitor icons under "Next Notification" indicate whether the student is set to receive notifications in their email and inside the platform, respectively. If the student has opted out of one or more notification mediums, the corresponding icon will be greyed out.
  6. Under Recently Sent Reminder Notifications, you will see a list of students who have received reminder notifications, along with how long ago they received the notification. If, in addition to the automatic reminder, you wish to send a personalized message to an individual student, you can hover over their profile image and click the Message button as shown in the video.

Audience: This help article is for Instructors, Designers, and Administrators. Students or Learners cannot access these settings.

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