How to flag posts and comments
Flag notifications
Moderate flagged posts

Flagging keeps unwanted content out of your community. If a community member makes a post that does not fit the Community or is considered inappropriate, the post can be marked as flagged. When a post is flagged, the Community Owner will be notified. The flagged post will be removed from the Community, and the member that posted it will lose points for their post though the points earned for the comments made will still be intact. The admin must view the post and determine if it does not align with community standards. Once this is determined, the Community Owner can decide to keep the post flagged or unflag it. Once the post is unflagged, it will be visible again in the community feed, and points will be returned to the student. 


• If a student flags another student's post or comment, the identity of the flagging student is known only to Community Owners and Facilitators.

• Flagging automatically removes points from a reported post or comment, but the Community Owner can restore points by unflagging the post or comment.

• Flagging a post hides the entire thread (including comments) from the Community Feed, but students retain points for hidden, unflagged comments.

How to flag posts and comments

  1. A post or a comment can be reported by clicking the Flag Post button (flag icon) in the lower right-hand corner. Or by selecting More Options and clicking "Report This Post" as shown in the video below.
  2. Under "Reason", provide a reason for flagging this post. Under "Report Category", categorize the nature of the offense (e.g., "Off-Topic"). Finally, click Submit.

Flag notifications

  1. Both the admin and the user will receive a notification that the post has been flagged.
    • Admin Email

Screenshot of Yellowdig email notifying admin that a post has been flagged

  • User Email

Screenshot of Yellowdig email notifying student that their post has been flagged

Moderate flagged posts

  1. To see what post has been flagged, navigate to your Community. From the left navigation pane, select Management and click the “Flagged Posts” tab.
  2. After reviewing the post, you can choose to unflag the post by clicking on the ellipsis (...) in the upper right-hand corner and selecting "Un-flag". Once unflagged, the post will return to the community feed, and the user’s points will be returned. 
  3. You can also send a message to the user about their post by hovering over their profile (picture) and clicking “message”. 

Audience: This help article is for Instructors, Designers, and Administrators.

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