• Find your Saved Drafts

• Create Drafts

• Retrieving Drafts in the Post editor

You can click Save draft (under the “Cancel” button in the editor) to save your post. Yellowdig drafts auto-save happens every 30 seconds after typing stops. 

When a post is saved, it appears on the Drafts page in the left sidebar of the specific Yellowdig community the Draft was saved in. 

To get back to any posts that have been saved but not posted to your community, click on Drafts in the side community navigation menu or click the Drafts button when creating a new post.

You can access your drafts from any device, which means you can start a post on your computer and access it later from your mobile device. 

Find your Saved Drafts

Just click the left Navigation Panel and select Drafts from the dropdown menu (see image below).

You may need to open the secondary navigation menu by clicking on the Toggle drawer (or the arrow) located on the top left to see Drafts (see image below). 

To edit a particular draft, just click on “Edit & Post”.

Edit and post button

Once you’ve finalized your post, click “Submit” to share it in your community.

Create Drafts

💡Note for Community Admins

Community owners, instructors, and designers: your drafts will only be visible to you when you create new communities with the template link and content copy functions.

  1. Create  a Post (post, comment, or reply)
  2. During a post creation a Draft will be made under any of the following scenarios:
    1. By closing the post editor.
    2. Navigating off the page without posting.
    3. An unexpected community window closure due to power/internet failure or service interruption.
    4. By clicking on the Cancel button and selecting Save Draft, as depicted in the image below.
    5. Or manually save the post as Draft by clicking the Draft button located at the top right corner of your comment editor area. (This option will be only visible by accessing the draft menu located in the upper left corner)

Retrieving Drafts in the Post editor

You can easily access and retrieve any draft from your Post editor by simply clicking the Draft button, this action will redirect you to the Draft bin, there you can manage, edit, post or erase all the drafts that were previously saved. (See the second image as an example)

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