Create Poll

Create Poll

You can create a Poll that is open to all Members of your Community (or restricted to a particular group). First, start a post by clicking the blue CREATE button on the community page. Then click on Poll

State the question for your Poll in the body of the Post, and add answer choices under "Options". You can add as many answer choices as you wish. Under Show Results, you can determine when answer choices are displayed:

  • Before users vote: results can be seen without having to cast a vote

  • After users vote: members must cast a vote to see the results

  • After create-poll closes: Results will be visible when the poll length is reached. 

  • Never show results to users: results will only be visible to poll creator

Under Poll Length, you can set the amount of time Community Members have to respond 

  • Unlimited: poll will never end

  • Limited: you can limit time by days, hours, and minutes

Only the poll creator, community facilitators and community owners will have access to see who voted by clicking on the Votes Cast Link under the answer options:

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