Single Sign-On (Premium Feature) [FOR ADMINISTRATORS]

How to sign into Yellowdig via SSO
How to configure SSO for your institution

To provide a more seamless login experience for our users, we offer Single Sign-On (SSO) integration as a premium feature. We currently support Shibboleth architecture, but we have the capability to expand our SSO offerings. SSO is an add-on service for clients with active Yellowdig contracts.

How to sign into Yellowdig via SSO

Step 1: Visit Instead of entering Yellowdig credentials, click on Single Sign On.

Screenshot of Single Sign-On link on Yellowdig Login page Step 2:

Search for your university credentials:

How to configure SSO for your institution

  1. Contact and express your intention to subscribe to Yellowdig's add-on SSO service.

  2. Send your institution's SSO metadata file to

  3. Upon successful receipt of the metadata file, our team will schedule an appointment with you to discuss how you would like to go ahead with the integration. (As of now, we can setup SSO either with a unique ID or with email ID fields.)

  4. Finally, we will create a network specific “hook” that sets up the required mappings.

Audience: This help article is intended only for Yellowdig Organization Administrators.

Audience: This help article is for Yellowdig Organization Administrators. Users without this level of permission will not have access to these settings. Students, learners, and most instructors cannot access these settings.

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