Yellowdig Quiz for Learners

Here’s a short quiz on using Yellowdig that instructors use to check their learners' understanding of the platform.

1. The purpose of Yellowdig is to:    

a. Submit assignments    

b. Learn with peers in conversations about course concepts    

c. Ask and answer questions about the course    

d. Share course-related experiences and real-world events related to course topics    

e. b, c, and d    

f. All of the above

2. Yellowdig points     

a. can be earned through comments received on posts from peers.    

b. can be earned entirely through comments rather than posts.    

c. can be earned when someone reacts (adds an emoji) to your post or comment.    

d. are always up to date in the point area on the right side of my Yellowdig community page.    

e. All of the above

3. You can maximize how many points you earn in Yellowdig by    

a. Posting the same article a peer posted earlier with a better description of the article     

b. Always just meeting the minimum word criteria rather than actually trying to have a real conversation    

c. Making helpful posts and comments that contribute to your community early in the weekly earning periods so you earn points from peers interacting with you    

d. Always waiting until the day of the weekly rollover to post or comment    

e. Always making posts rather than commenting on and replying to other people’s posts

4. What happens in Yellowdig at the period rollover?    

a. I stop earning points toward the current week.    

b. I can start earning Yellowdig points again if I get to “My Period Max”.    

c. My points are finalized for the week.    

d. I have to submit my Yellowdig assignment.

If grading is on and you plan to display those grades in the LMS:

5. My grade in the Learning Management System tells me:    

a. How many Yellowdig points I currently have.    

b. The course points I am on pace to receive at the end of the semester, if I keep earning points at the current rate.    

c. How many course points I currently have.    

d. The course points I will receive at the end of the week (i.e., period rollover).

6. Which of the following are true of your grade in the Learning Management System:    

a. My grade will go down at the start of a new weekly period.  This accounts for the points I need to earn that week to stay on pace to getting to the total goal.    

b. I should try to get enough points (or more) each period to get my LMS grade to 100%.    

c. When my grade is 100% in Yellowdig, in the LMS I will appear to have all of the course points assigned to Yellowdig for the entire term/semester.    

d. All of the above

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