Claim your Existing Yellowdig Account on a New Course Page or App Install

Yellowdig is designed to identify existing accounts so that users don't accidentally create multiple ones when accessing a new course page or app install. The steps for retrieving an existing account are outlined below. If you don't see the screen below please reach out to us at and cc your school's IT department if you have their contact.

Simply launch into Yellowdig from your course page and if your account is identified you'll complete a short account claim flow, either by clicking the "SEND EMAIL" button to get a verification email or by entering your password. You should be automatically kept in the same account for every future launch from that course page. 

Forgot your Yellowdig password?

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How does Yellowdig identify existing accounts?

1) Upon a user's first LTI launch from a course page, we will try to find the user's existing account if there is one.  We will first try to look up by a unique LTI user identifier.

- If you're using the same course page and have a new Yellowdig installation that points to the same organization level as before this should identify your account. 

- However this identifier will not be the same if you're on a new course page (For example, your institution shifted between Blackboard & Canvas) or have recently installed Yellowdig to point to a different organization level. 

- Note: One exception here is if we're storing some persistent custom user identifiers at your institution.

A) If the unique LTI identifier matches, then the user will notice no difference between the new launches and will happily end up in their existing account. If, for some reason we can't link the accounts using the legacy LTI user id, we will instead attempt to link via email.

B) If Yellowdig recognizes the email address as an existing account, we will prompt the user to claim it. We don't just let the user in because we consider the different LTI integrations different "sources" and so we want the users to prove ownership, either by clicking a link we will email to them or by entering their password if they have one set. It's critical that the user claims their existing account at this step instead of choosing to create a new account by linking a different email address.

2) Once the account claim flow has completed, either by clicking the emailed link or by entering the password, the user should be automatically kept in the same account for every future launch. At this point, all the user needs to do is access the Yellowdig platform (either via LTI or direct login to and they should be able to navigate to all of their existing content and courses just as they are used to doing.

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