Add a Profile Image and Cover Photo

Users can update their profile pages through accessing their personal profile.

  1. Click on the profile photo or profile photo placeholder in the lower left-hand corner (User Options).
  2. Click on My profile.
  3. Depending on what you wish to change, click on Upload User Image or Upload Cover Photo.
  4. Clicking on either option will open your file browser and allow you to select the desired image. The selected image will upload and replace your Cover Photo / User Image automatically.

Ideal photo sizes and format:

Cover Photo: 770 pixels wide x 313 pixels high.
Profile Photo is 148 pixels x 148 pixels.

For best results make sure your images are JPG file type with RGB color.
For a higher resolution cover photo use a max. size of 1539 pixels x 626 pixels.

Please click here if you're unable to watch the video below.

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