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Find information that members have shared in your community easily with the Search, Filter, and Sort functions. For example, you can find participation based on keywords in a post or comment, topic tags associated with them, the dates of the participation, the person who participated, and much more. Watch this video for an overview and read below for more details.

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Search for Posts by keyword. This will return all Posts where the keyword appears in the title or body. To clear the search filter, click the next to the corresponding filter box.

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You can filter your Feed by one or more of the following categories:

  • By Topic: Select an instructor-created Topic that has been used at least once in your Community.

  • By Member: Select a Community Member from the drop-down list, or type the name of the Member whose Posts you want to find.

  • By Date: Specify a start and end date using the pop-up calendar.

  • By Accolade: Select an instructor-created Accolade that has been awarded at least once in your Community.

  • By Hashtag: Select a learner-created hashtag that has been used at least once in your Community.

  • By Group: Select a post audience.

  • My Content: Shows only Posts that you have created and Posts on which you have commented.

  • Community Owner: Shows only Posts that the Community Owner has created or Posts on which the Community Owner has commented. In most cases, the Community Owner is the course instructor.

  • By Read Status: Helps you to choose the posts that you've marked as read or unread. 

Screenshot of Filter selector and options


Filter method #1

  1. Navigate to a post that has the feed you want to filter by.

  2. Click the topic tag to filter by that topic.

Filter method #2

  1. In the right-hand panel, click the Filter button.

  2. In the drop-down menu, select By Topic.

  3. In the pop-up menu, scroll to and select the desired topic, or text-search the desired topic in the text field.

Sort Feed

Organize your Feed By Recent Posts or Comments, which sorts by Post and Comment based on the date of posting; By Recent Posts, which sorts by Post based on the date of posting; and By Active Posts, which sorts by how many Comments and Reactions a Post has received to date. Regardless of which sorting option you choose, Posts that are currently Pinned to Top will always be at the top of your Feed.

Screenshot of Sort selector and options

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